How to Help Refugees Now

The Trump administration keeps cutting the numbers of immigrants allowed into the nation. Asylum seekers are trapped just on the other side of our borders. Is there anything you can do now to make a difference? Absolutely!

How Refugees and Immigrants Help Iowa

As Iowa Democrats flock to their caucuses today, let's take a look at refugee resettlement throughout the state. A central tenet of today's Republican Party is keeping people out of the country. What does that mean for a state like Iowa? Members of one small community say it couldn't survive without refugees. “If they were... Continue Reading →

Big-Hearted Texas vs. Mean-Hearted Texas

Welcome to a tale of two states. In the headlines right now, it's the Texas whose governor, Greg Abbott, shut the door on refugees last week, making it the first state to do so. But there's a big-hearted Texas, one that has welcomed more refugees to than any other state except California. UPDATE: A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration's order allowing states to refuse to accept refugees.

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