A School Copes

What does a school whose students are largely refugees and other immigrants do when hit with the one-two punch of a pandemic AND an earthquake? Here's how a unique school in Salt Lake City is handling it all.

A Bible Belt State Embraces Refugees

When a conservative governor and conservative members of local government embrace refugees, it's worth taking a look at how that came about. Emily Crane Linn (above) executive director of Canopy NWA, the Arkansas refugee resettlement agency, talks about the support state leaders got that helped them stay true to their conservative values of welcoming the stranger.

A Republican Governor Stands Up for Refugees

You'll be surprised by who said this: "America was founded by immigrants. Through the years they have fought to preserve our freedom and made the United States the greatest country on earth." A Republican governor who once tweeted his opposition to Syrian refugees tells his state's General Assembly why he approved admitting refugees to his state and then calmly answers 30 minutes of largely hostile questions about the decision.

Breaking Bread Together

I love to eat--most of us do. And here's a cookbook that let's us enjoy great food AND support the entrepreneurship of a young mother from Syria who is turning her culinary talents into a business in her new home in America.

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